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Bay Area Serbs Basketball Team Wins in Indiana!

The SNF held their 82nd annual basketball tournament in Lansing Ill on June 9th to 11th, 2022 and participating in the tournament was the Bay Area Serbs Basketball team comprised of many men from the Bay Area.

The First Serbian Benevolent Society graciously underwrote the team with a donation enabling them to purchase uniforms, airline tickets and accommodations.

This is the first Bay Area team to play in this tournament in many years and our men worked hard to organize, finance and field a team. They team was comprised of the following players and coaching staff:


Dominick Adzich Gabe Adzich

Nikola Copic

Mirko Macura

George Medan

Stefan Medan Tomislav Medan Nemanja Rajic Robert Vukcevich Zaria Vukcevich


Sam Vukcevich

They played very well winning 4/5 of the games they played and winning the consolation bracket which was quite an accomplishment considering this is the first time they played together and the quality of the teams and players they were competing against. They of course had a great time and appreciated the financial support of the FSBS who paid for their uniforms and travel expenses. Also attending the tournament were a number of FSBS parents including Robert Adzich, Robert Medan, & Nick Vukcevich. We hope to see them participate next year again in Milwaukee WI!

The team created a commemorative jersey signed by all the players and it was presented by Stefan Medan and Nemanja Rajic at the September General Meeting


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